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The Dawg Bawl™ is a revolutionary, new dog walking system that easily allows multiple dogs to be walked together without tangling. The Dawg Bawl™ features patented functionality that allows the leads to adjust automatically as your dogs change positions, preventing tangling and braiding. There is no other product that works this way or this well - we’ve tried other products and our dogs had them in a tangled mess within minutes. That’s why we invented the Dawg Bawl™!

If you have 2 dogs you will LOVE the Dawg Bawl™. If you have 3 or 4 dogs you NEED the Dawg Bawl™! The Dawg Bawl™ will revolutionize the way you walk your dogs!

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Our unique, tangle-free leash system features a revolutionary, patented design that allows for up to four leads to rotate independently without getting tangled.



Whether you have a duo, trio, or a quartet of pups in your pack, Dawg Bawl™ can adapt. You can add or remove leads as needed, providing versatility to suit your pack's needs.

About Us

Greytpets founders, Jeff and Dena Yeager, had four rescued Italian Greyhounds who loved to go on walks. It was challenging for the two of them to walk the four dogs without leash tangles, even when they split the dogs up and walked two dogs each, and it was basically impossible for them to walk the four dogs alone. Jeff scoured the internet for solutions that would allow them to walk all four dogs without it resulting in a mess of tangled leashes. They tried many different products that claimed to be tangle-free but none worked, their dogs would have those products twisted and braided in less than a minute. So Jeff started innovating…he bought a 3D printer to make prototypes and tested each idea thoroughly. Finally, the Dawg Bawl™ was born and it just WORKS - no more tangled leashes!! Jeff and Dena are excited to be able to provide other dog owners with a truly tangle-free way to walk multiple dogs at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I walk more than four dogs using the Dawg Bawl™?
The Dawg Bawl™ was designed for a maximum of four dogs. It is not recommended to use more than four leads or walk more than four dogs while using the Dawg Bawl™.
Can I use the Dawg Bawl™ with large dogs?
For your safety and the safety of your pets, do not use the Dawg Bawl™ with dogs over 30 pounds. We are actively working on a Dawg Bawl™ for large dogs - to receive updates!
Can I use the Dawg Bawl™ with a harness where the lead attaches to the front/chest area?
The Dawg Bawl™ should only be used with harnesses where the lead attaches to the back area of the dog. Front lead-attaching harnesses do not work well with the Dawg Bawl™ and should not be used.
I only have two or three dogs, can I still use the Dawg Bawl™?
Yes! The Dawg Bawl™ was designed for up to four dogs so four leads are included. If you don't need all four leads, only insert the number of leads you need and keep the extras as spares. You will find that the Dawg Bawl™ makes walking multiple dogs so easy, you may want to add more pups to your pack!
While walking my dogs, I hear a “clicking” sound inside the Dawg Bawl™, is this ok?
Yes! The “clicking” is the sound of the leads changing positions and adjusting themselves inside the Dawg Bawl™. This is the “magic” that untangles the leads - it means the Dawg Bawl™ is working. The trick is in the click!